Government of Catalonia

Catalonia has had full powers in health matters since 1981. For that reason, it is the Government of Catalonia which fostered the Hospital de Cerdanya project from the start. The main government departments that work with Hospital de Cerdanya are the Ministry of Health and the Catalan Health Service.

Department of Health (catalan government)

The Department of Health is the main organ of the Catalan Government regarding health-related decision- and policy-making. It is the guarantor of the maintenance of the public health system of which Hospital de Cerdanya is a part. The Catalan Health Minister is a member of the hospital’s board of directors. 

Catalan Health Service

The Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) is the organisation that guarantees public healthcare to all citizens in Catalonia. Its remit involves “purchasing” health services from different providers, including Hospital de Cerdanya, in accordance with the public’s health needs defined by the Ministry of Health.

CatSalut also authorises the health centres that form part of the public network, runs quality checks and evaluates public satisfaction with the services provided.