Paedriatics and Neonatology


  • Care of new-borns with low to medium risk pathologies (premature babies born at 35 weeks, low weight, risk of infection, jaundice, hypoglycaemias, mild respiratory distress, babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes…)
  • Care and stabilisation of new-borns in critical condition until transfer
  • Delivery and postnatal care
  • Outpatient paediatric care 
  • Postnatal screenings
  • Paediatric hospitalisation
  • Postnatal resuscitation
  • Emergencies


  • Dr. Esther Benito
  • Dr.  Eduard Carreras [HEAD OF THE SERVICE]
  • Dr. Delia Cruz
  • Dr.  Marc Figueras (on call)
  • Dr. Laura Garriga (on call)
  • Dr. Natàlia Mendoza (on call)
  • Dr. Mireia Mengual
  • Dr. Eduard Moga (on call)
  • Dr. Georgina Morón (on call)
  • Dr. Borja Peñalver
  • Dr. Eloi Perich (paediatric surgeon)
  • Dr. Gemma Sans (Fundació Hospital de Puigcerdà)

Consulting hours

  • Monday 10:00 to 11:30. Thursday 11:20 to 13:00
  • On call 24/7

Phone numbers:

  • If calling from Spain   972.65.77.77 
  • If calling from France