EGCT Mission

According to article 4.2 of the EGTC-HC articles of association, its mission covers four areas:

During the phase of construction and commissioning of Hospital de Cerdanya:

  • To foster, promote and, where applicable, perform, within the territorial sphere of Hospital de Cerdanya, all actions that drive effective participation in the project by public services and public territorial groups within the framework of their respective remits.
  • To foster, promote and, where applicable, perform all actions that drive effective communications between and with all political and government authorities involved in the Hospital de Cerdanya project.
  • To foster, promote and, where applicable, perform all actions that drive the dissemination of the Hospital de Cerdanya project among users and public and private agents, once a communication plan has been drafted.
  • Throughout the development of the phases related to the construction and commissioning of the cross-border hospital, the EGTC-HC must target the provisional operating plan, the funding plan, the funding of hospital works and equipment and all actions needed to deliver on these goals.

During the operational phase of Hospital de Cerdanya:

  • The provision of outpatient services.
  • The provision of in-patient services.
  • The provision of mental health services.
  • The promotion and development of health-related prevention programmes.
  • Training and research activity related to health activity.

Governance of the Hospital:

Governance is guaranteed by the Board of Directors and the General Manager, each for the functions that correspond to them and in accordance with their respective remits. The Board operates as a representative assembly in accordance with article 10.1 a) of Regulation (EC) No. 1082/2006.

In relation to the development of the territory’s common health project, the EGTC-HC must contribute to its development in the territory:

The territory’s common health project is detailed in an agreement document between the Catalan and French health authorities, i.e., respectively, CATSALUT and the LR RHA, which covers the principal guidelines on cross-border health planning in the French-Catalan area. The public can review the territory’s medical project at any time in accordance with the evolution of the health provision and public requirement plans.