Alliances and partnerships

The Cerdanya Common Cross-Border Hospital project aims to integrate the health services on both sides of the Franco-Spanich border, optimizing resources and making the best specializations of each system available to the population of this territory.

The Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia and the ARS Occitanie work on the respective health networks to develop a complete portfolio of services adapted to the Cerdanya/Capcir territory.

In this context, the EGTC-Hospital de Cerdanya maintains collaborative relationships with various actors from both health systems to ensure or improve certain specialty services. Currently, strategic alliances or collaboration agreements have been signed with the following entities:





Mental health




Centre Hospitalier Perpignan

Chemotherapy Unit Associated Center

Civil engineering and biotechnology

Diagnostic imaging

French emergency service (SAMU)

Centre Hospitalier Thuïr

Mental health

Clinique du souffle La Solane

Respiratori rehabilitation

Fundació Hospital de Puigcerdà

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau

Gynecology and obstetrics


Maison Sociale de Proximité

Services du Conséil Général

Mother and child protection services

Pôle Pédiatrique de Cerdagne /ALEFPA

Cross-border unit for the treatment of children’s asthma in Cerdanya (UPAC)

Pôle Sanitaire Cerdan


Cleaning services

Functional rehabilitation

Palliative care