The definition of the governing bodies of the EGTC-Hospital de Cerdanya as well as the description of their functions is detailed in chapter II of the statutes. The composition of the governing bodies maintains a proportion in which 60% of its members are representatives of the Generalitat de Catalunya and 40% are representatives of the French Republic. The governing bodies are:

The board of directors

Its task is to set the general orientation of the project and the actions of the EGTC-HC. It approves the annual accounts, proposals for cooperation agreements with other organizations, appointments, etc. The board of directors is made up of 14 persons. The presidency is held, alternating every two years, by the "Conseller" (minister)  for Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Director of the Agence Régional de Santé Occitanie.


The Advisory Council

Is the representative body of the elected officials and other qualified persons of the territory. It consists of 14 members. It meets before each ordinary session of the Board of Directors and must be consulted on all matters related to the development of the common health project in the territory


The Executive Bureau

Its main task is to present to the Board of Directors the proposals for action plans and strategic orientation of the EGTC-HC, the annual accounts, and the proposal for the appointment of the Hospital's CEO or Managing Director.

At the proposal of the hospital management, the executive committee approves the organizational structure of the centre and adopts the appropriate measures so that the EGTC-HC functions in the best possible way. It also acts as a contracting body.


Management structure

The statutes of the AECT-Hospital de Cerdanya also define the competences of the General Manager. This CEO is supported by a management team; its current members are::

  • Dr. Xavier CONILL, general manager
  • Dr. Eduard CARRERAS, director of cross-border healthcare projects
  • Mr. Xavier CARALT, director of Nursing
  • Mrs. Anne DELCASSO, financial Director
  • Mrs. Cristina DEULOFEU, IT director
  • Mrs. Cristina FERRER, communications manager
  • Mrs. Elisa GORGAS, head of legal services
  • Mr. Romain PUJOL, head of the biomedical engineering and projects unit
  • Dr. Salvador SARRÀ, médical director
  • Mrs. Mireia Traserra, director of Human Resources

Organization chart of the Hospital de Cerdanya