Our services

Medical tests and diagnostic procedures

Ou Hospital performs explorations and diagnostic tests at the request of our own specialists, of the doctors of the emergency service or of the primary care phisicians and of other health care professionals or establishments in the territory.

Cardiology clinic

Cardiac ultrasound

Stress tests

Vascular Surgery clinic

Doppler ultrasound

Endoscopy clinic

Colonoscopy (with sedation)

Fibrogastroscopy (whit sedation)

Gynecology and obstetrics clinic

Gynecological ultrasound

Obstètric ultrasound

Midwives clinic

Automated auditory evoked potentials (screening)

Fetal heart rate monitoring

Neurophysiology Clinic

Conventional electromyography

Ophtalmology clinic

Computerized tonometry

Detection of ocular pathologies

Optical biometrics

Pre and post cataract surgery controls



Otorhinolaryngology clinic


Fiberoptic laryngoscopy

Micro otoscopy

Nasal endoscopy

Pneumology clinic

Bronchoscopy (under sedation/anesthesia)

Complementary exams

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM)

ECG - Holter 24 hours



Urology clinic

Transurethral cystoscopy

Day Hospital


Monitoring of glucose levels

O'Sullivan test

Specialised blood tests (Prolactin, quantiferon...)

Synacthen (ACTH/CORTISOL) test

Tuberculin test

Urease test