How to gain access to our services

Users with Spanish healthcare coverage

If you enjoy healthcare coverage by the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) or its equivalent, issued by any other public health service from another autonomous territory in Spain, you can access all the services of the Hospital de Cerdanya. When you need to visit a specialist, have tests done or to be hospitalized, your family doctor at the Primary Care Center (CAP) will handle your referral

Emergencies. If you have an accident or feel unwell at home, and you are unable to come to the hospital by your own means, call 061 (if residing in Spanish territory) or 15 (if residing in France). They will give you directions as to what to do and, if necessary, an ambulance will be sent to you. Remember that for mild pathologies, it is advisable to visit the emergency care services at the Primary Care Centres; the hospital's Accident & Emergency service will always prioritize life threatening and serious cases.

Documentation that you will need:

  • Valid identity document or passpot
  • Personal healthcare service card

Users whith French healthcare coverage

If you are a Carte Vitale holder, you can ask directly for an appointment with the Pediatrics, Gynecology/Obstetrics and Ophthalmology consultants, by calling the Admissions unit. For appointments with any other services and consultants, a prior consultation with your doctor (general practitioner) is recommended, so that he or she can arrange a referral.

You can ask for medical appointments by calling +34 972 65 77 77 (users residing in Spain) or  + 33 (users residing in France)

Emergencies. If you feel unwell at home or you are in an accident and you are unable to come to the Hospital by your own means, you can call de emergency services: 15 (SAMU) if residing in France, and 061 (SEM) if residing in Spain

Documentation that you will need:

  • Valid identity document.
  • Carte Vitale.
  • Card or documentation issued by the company with whom you have a health insurance.
  • Other documents or medical information provided by your GP regarding your case.