Outpatient consultations

Access for spanish patients

To schedule a first consultation you need a referral fromyour primary care physician. For gynaecological check-ups and paediatric visits you can book a visit directly through the Hospita'ls Admissions service.

At Hospital de Cerdanya we care for people with insurance by the public health systems, pritave health insurance companies and private patients. If you are the holder of a health policy or insurance contracted with an insurance company, you must bring with you the documentation stipulated by the company that will be responsible for your bill.

Access for french patients

To see a specialist it is advisable to previously visit your local doctor (médecin de ville) or attending physician (médecin traitant), who can assess which specialist or diagnostic test is suitable. For gynaecological check-ups and paediatric visits you can book an appointment directly through the Hospital's Admissions service.

Where to go?

To the Admissions counter in the main foyer. If you have a “SatSalut” or an “Assurance Maladie” card, you can can inset your card in the slot of the machine located to the left of the reception desk, then take the ticket which will indicate the waiting area you must go to and your reference number. When it is your turn, the screens located on the waiting area will display the serial number on your ticket.

What documents must I bring with me?

  • Appointment letter
  • Information on any medication you are taking, where applicable.
  • Information on previous testing you may have undergone, where applicable.
  • ID documents and healthcare card
  • Card from your insurance company, where applicable

Follow up visits

After your visit, don't forget to stop off at the Admissions Desk in order to arrange the appointments for your next visit or further tests 

What happens if I have to change the date of my visit??

If you need to change the day your scheduled visit or test you can do so by emailing us at adm(ELIMINAR)@hcerdanya.eu or by phone (972 657 777) from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am to 2 pm Friday.

Please notify us of any changes or cancellations regarding visits with enough time, so that another person can use this appointment


On your first visit to the Hospital, take the opportunity to check if your contact details are up to date