Accessing your health records

Instructions for requesting a copy of your own medical records or of the records of a minor or legal dependent:

  • In person , through the User Service Unit ( UAU ) of the Hospital

  • Downloading the FPD form and returning it, completed, to the UAU

  • Fillling in the online form

If you have any questions, you can contact the UAU by calling +34 972.65.77.77 (Spanish network) or +33 04 88 62 77 77 (Frenck network). You can alsosend an email email to  uau(ELIMINAR)

Documents you will need

Before requesting a copy of a document on your medical record, please check out what documents you will need in each case, to obtain these documents:

If you need a document from your own healthcare dossier

  • Duly completed application form.
  • Original ID or Passport.

If you have been authorised to retrieve somebody else's information

  1. Fully completed request form, stating the information of the holder of the medical record, the personal data of the authorized person and the signature of both. Alternatively, you can produce the request form and a power of attorney. When the representation is accredited by power of attorney, this needs to explicitly mention your being entitled to retrieve the patient's medical records

  2. Original identity document or Passport of the holder (a photocopy must be attached to the request)

  3. Original identity document or Passport of the authorized person (attach photocopy).

If you need a document from a deceased person's file

Access to the Medical records of a deceased person will only be granted to family membres or common law partners. You will need: A certified photocopy of the Family Book, of the registration at the registry of common-law couples, civil partnership certificate or will.

Attached documents:

  1. Death certificate.
  2. Photocopy of the applicant's identity document or passport.
  3. Photocopy of the deceased person's identity document or passport

If you need a document pertaining to your -16 child

The applicant must prove that he/she exercises parental authority or guardianship of the minor. The following documents must be provided:

  1. Original ID or passport of the applicant (attach a photocopy to the application).
  2. Document that proves the relationship beteewn parent and child. (attach a photocopy to the application)
  3. Or equivalent court ruling.

Court ordered petitions

If the case of a court ordered request, said request must bear the signature of the Judge.

The person who collects the records must identify themselves with an ID that proves their connexion to the matter.

The Legal Department of the Cerdanya Hospital will be responsible for compiling the requested documentation.

* Fields are required

Request for medical records

Please fill in the data and attach the documents requested in the form. The staff of the User Service Unit will inform you when the documentation will be available

Data of the patient whose medical information is requested
Documents requested

Specify the date or reason for the hospital admission or visit about which you are requesting information

Medical report
Diagnostic tests
Authorizations (data of the legal representative or authorized person)
Documentation provided

(See “Documents needed”)