Planned procedures and surgery

At Hospital de Cerdanya we perform scheduled and emergency operations on an in-patient and outpatient basis. In both cases, the Admissions Unit and/or health personnel will inform you of the paperwork you will need and the preparations you must make.


Pre-surgery preparation

  • The Admissions Unit will schedule all the tests you need and call you when a day and time for the operation has been arranged.
  • It is essential to undergo all the tests and organise a visit with the anaesthetist
  • Please advise the Admissions Unit of any change or problem you have prior to the operation (fever, general malaise, pregnancy...) by calling us on 972.65.77.77

On the day of the operation

  • You must check in at the Admissions counter at the appopinted time. We recommend you to bring someone with you - they will wait in the waiting room and the health personnel will keep them up to date on how the operation is going.
  • Children under 12 years of age, elderly people and anyone else who requires special attention may be accompanied up to the door of the operating room. If a young child needs a special toy with them, they are welcome to bring it.
  • You must not eat or drink anything for at least 6 hours before the operation.

What to do:

You must take a shower and dress in comfortable clothing. Remove all jewellery, piercings, nail polish and makeup.

What to bring whith you:

  • Your eferral letter
  • Your ID documents and healthcare card and/or authorisation from your insurance company, where applicable
  • Pyjamas or nightgown, robe, slippers, personal hygiene items and a towel.

After the operation

Our health care personnel will inform you of when you will be discharged, and will instruct you on what to do at home (post operative care, medication, diets...)

When your doctor authorises you to leave hospital, you must sign out at the Admissions counter.

Make sure you do not leave the Hospital without:

  • Your medical report
  • Your nursing report (where applicable)
  • Your follow-up visits and tests schedule