Pregnancy and childbirth

Estic embarassada, femmes enceintes

If you live in the Cerdanya and Capcir territory, you can choose to monitor your pregnancy and have your baby at the Cerdanya Hospital, where we provide individual and personalized assistance through a team of midwives and obstetricians.

  • Users whit spanish health insurance. If are pregnant or think you might be, you should arrange an appointment with the midwife.
  • Users with French health insurance. You can monitor your pregnancy with your local doctor or midwife or come to Hospital de Cerdanya from the start. In any case, it is advisable to visit, at least once, and as soon as possible, the hospital's midwives, to start your medical dossier so that our professionals can give you the best possible assistance during childbirth. The French and Catalan mother and child healthcare teams are in constant contact to facilitate a good follow-up.

You can find more detailed information below:

Throughout the monitoring of your pregnancy we prepare you to deal with the birth process, supporting both those families who choose a natural birth (breathing techniques, relaxation, complementary and alternative therapies), and those who choose a conventional birth.

We advise that all pregnant women come to hospital accompanied, both to the control visits and to the group activities.

Free group activities

The group activities take place in the health training room of the Hospital de Cerdanya, which is located on the ground floor of the building. Here you can consult the syllabus and calendars:

  • Preparation for birth
  • Parenting group

“A sibling arrives”

Session aimed at older brothers and sisters to help them understand the mother's pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of a new member of the family. For more details, contact

Other topics included in the pregnancy control and childbirth preparation period are:

  • Advice and care during pregnancy
  • Baby massage 
  • Birth plan
  • Control and exercises to improve the pelvic floor
  • Pain management
  • Perineal massage
  • When to go to the emergency care unit

Our hospital can take charge of births after 35 weeks; if labour begins earlier, we either try to stop it or refer the pregnant woman to a centre with a Neonatology Service equipped to take care of premature babies.

No one can know exactly when labour will begin; symptoms can vary greatly from one woman to another. There is more than one indicator that can suggest labour has started, some more specific than others. In all cases, it is important to try to identify theses symptoms and keep calm. 

Once in the emergency room, our obstetrics specialists will assess your situation and decide how to proceed.

Our hospital is authorised to perform natural childbirth. If you have chosen this alternative, we have different support tools at your disposal to assist you while constantly monitoring the whole process and providing any help you need.

If you feel like it, we will start skin-to-skin contact in the delivery room itself and start early breastfeeding as soon as possible

After your baby is born, paediatricians and pediatric nurses will join the team that has being taking care of you during labour. They will help you take care of the baby and they will carry out check tat all is well with her/him.

From the moment you check in at the maternity service you will be informed about your options and we will explain to you the tests that we will carry out on the baby during your hospital stay..

During your stay in hospital, different mother and baby checkups will be carried out, this being a good time to pose questions or seek more information. All the tests and the baby's bath will be carried out in your room. Only in a few specific cases, the baby will be taken to the neonatal unit for tests or treatment.

After your baby’s birth, the midwives will carry out the immediate puerperium visit 48-72 hours after discharge (in the consultation or at home)

Othe information and ressources:

  • ​​​​​​Guide for families, after the birth. This booklet (French/Catalan) contains information on check-ups after discharge, advice on care for the mother and the baby, as well as information, techniques and resolution of doubts about breastfeeding.
  • Recommendations in case of formula feeding
  • Recommendations and scheduled visits for the mother and the baby
  • Administrative procedures. The customer service unit will inform you about the necessary procedures to register the birth of your baby in the civil registry and with social security

If you have any questions about the puerperium or the care of your baby, call 972.65.77.58 or request an appointment for an external consultation with a midwife at