Outpatient consultations

In order to ensure the correct follow-up of each case, at all levels of health care, visits with specialists and diagnostic tests carried out in the hospital must be requested by the patient's family doctor.

If you have Spanish health coverage, the first request to visit specialized hospital medicine will be processed by your family doctor (from the Primary Care Center) who will provide you with a copy of the referral request.

If you are covered by the French health system, your médecin traitant will provide you with a document or letter, addressed to the hospital specialist, explaining your need for specialized care and/or what diagnostic tests you need to have performed.

For pediatric visits or visits to the Sports Medicine Unit, an appointment can be made directly at the hospital.

How to make an appointment?

  • In person: You can go to the hospital admissions service, with the referral document provided by your reference doctor and your health card (CatSalut, Carte Vitale...)

  • Through this form:

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Fill in the data and attach the referral document provided by your referring doctor. A person from the admissions service will contact you to arrange the day and time of the visit or tests.

Patient's data

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Not necessary for pediatric visits or with the Sports Medicine Unit.